Hally Bayer is Helping Kids Namaste in School

SMP’s mission is to bring yoga and mindfulness to students and teachers in Philadelphia’s underserved schools, paving the way for greater physical and emotional well-being. Meet our Awkward Networker #Networking4Good honoree: Hally Bayer, Board Member of The School Mindfulness Project (SMP)! A New Harvard study reveals that mindfulness education in the classroom can reduce the negative... Continue Reading →

Podcast Ep 7 – Take the Plunge

As an... ahem... aging young professional, I'm more eager than ever to learn how the "new" young professionals are approaching the world of face-to-face social networking. This week on the Awkward Networker Podcast, I was fortunate to have founder of Today's Young Professional, and host of Today's Young Professional Podcast, Perline Paul, join me to... Continue Reading →

5 Soothing Tips for That Burning Rejection

Awkward Networker Guest Post with Dennis Sheahan Have you heard any variation of the word "no" recently?  Possibly a euphemistic alternative to protect your feelings, such as "love the presentation, but unfortunately..." or "if it were up to me, I'd say yes... but..."?  Rejection is like a curse word in 2018 - a feeling we... Continue Reading →

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