Ep 6 – Family Matters

If you've ever built a strong relationship with new people, you've probably discovered the power of discussing family. If you've ever failed to build a strong relationship with new people, you've probably overlooked the power of discussing family. Family conversations can strengthen new relationships, but if you fall into one of the awkward traps, it... Continue Reading →

Ep 4 – How Do You Cook Your Salmon?

Today I invited a long-time family friend (and small business networking expert) Challie Gangloff to join the show to give us some insight into how the owner of a small, neighborhood business like Top of the Hill Markets approaches networking. Below, I've included a few of my favorite quotes from the podcast, if you're the kind... Continue Reading →

Ep 3 – Networking Fast Track ft. Ben Bowman

Networking in a new city, new industry, or just new in general can be overwhelming. For Ben Bowman, moving from Florida to Philadelphia in January for a career pursuit made this task even more overwhelming. Remarkably, Ben was able to overcome this challenge in a big way, and on today's podcast, Ben shows you how YOU can do the same.

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