Ep 3 – Networking Fast Track ft. Ben Bowman

Networking in a new city, new industry, or just new in general can be overwhelming. For Ben Bowman, moving from Florida to Philadelphia in January for a career pursuit made this task even more overwhelming. Remarkably, Ben was able to overcome this challenge in a big way, and on today's podcast, Ben shows you how YOU can do the same.

What’s Your Q?

Earlier this week I attended a National Association of Corporate Directors breakfast.  I arrived just before the program started, missing the networking session, and had to sit in the last seat in the back of the room for the panel discussion. Bummer. At the Q&A portion of the panel discussion, I raised my hand and... Continue Reading →

Nail the Follow-up

It's almost 2018, which means there are a dozen different channels to initiate a follow-up meeting after a networking event.  For purposes of this post, I'm going to focus solely on email, but first here are a few thoughts on the other standard communication vehicles.    Absolutely connect on Linkedin.  Find the person.  Connect with... Continue Reading →

Confidence: Fuel it and Burn it

Last week someone asked me how I build enough confidence to be active in the networking environment. I honestly had no idea how to respond. Then this week happened and inspired my response. I hope this helps someone dealing with a confidence dilemma... Athletes need to consume a lot more calories than most of us.... Continue Reading →

Be a +1 Hero

Which is worse? A.) Being dragged to an event against your will by your significant other and told to "have fun"? B.) Dragging your significant other to an event, only to be constantly reminded that he/she is not having fun. While you shudder and reminisce those equal nightmares, consider how you would feel if someone... Continue Reading →

Bring the Fireworks

"How do I make a lasting impression with someone I just met?" I received this question from an audience member last week.  My good friend, Allie, and I had the pleasure of hosting a networking workshop at Temple University, and a young woman asked this same question. Instantly, my mind flooded with responses, each reflecting... Continue Reading →

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