Alicia Kennedy #Networking4Good

Alicia Kennedy is this week's #Networking4Good honoree, for her work with Alpha Bravo Canine to help our nation's veterans. In 2014, an average of 20 veterans committed suicide each day. Alicia and Alpha Bravo Canine are working to bring this average to zero. Alpha Bravo Canine’s provides trained service dogs to U.S. military veterans suffering from Post-traumatic... Continue Reading →

Sports Networker Ep1 (5/21/18)

Hey there, sports fans! In response to many of you who asked me to talk more about sports in networking settings, I'm publishing a new video and podcast series called Sports Networker. The goal: to give you all the high-level info you need to discuss sports in networking settings.  Check out the vid or the... Continue Reading →

Practicing the Lost Art of Eye Contact

Let's face it, engaging in prolonged eye contact is awkward.  It's especially awkward while focused on introducing yourself properly, remembering the person's name, and presenting yourself as the witty, interesting, successful person you know you are.   Eye contact was one of my weakest attributes when I started networking.  My mentors and coaches would say, "Try... Continue Reading →

Ep 6 – Family Matters

If you've ever built a strong relationship with new people, you've probably discovered the power of discussing family. If you've ever failed to build a strong relationship with new people, you've probably overlooked the power of discussing family. Family conversations can strengthen new relationships, but if you fall into one of the awkward traps, it... Continue Reading →

Rob Wilson #Networking4Good

This week's #Networking4Good feature is Rob Wilson, for his work with West Philadelphia's Alliance for Children. 95% of Philadelphia public elementary schools lack a functioning library. Rob is our first feature in the #Networking4Good series for a reason.  He's been focusing his networking activities not only for professional growth, but also for the advancement of... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Never Irish Exit

St. Patty’s Day Weekend! Time to dig-out those "Take me Drunk I'm Home" t-shirts, Amazon Prime a few reserve packs of shamrock face stickers, and queue-up Dropkick Murphys on your Spotify.  Because, lads and lasses, it’s time for Irish potatoes, Irish whiskey, and of course... a well-timed Irish exit. Here's a quick live look at... Continue Reading →

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