Podcast Ep 7 – Take the Plunge

As an... ahem... aging young professional, I'm more eager than ever to learn how the "new" young professionals are approaching the world of face-to-face social networking. This week on the Awkward Networker Podcast, I was fortunate to have founder of Today's Young Professional, and host of Today's Young Professional Podcast, Perline Paul, join me to... Continue Reading →

5 Soothing Tips for That Burning Rejection

Awkward Networker Guest Post with Dennis Sheahan Have you heard any variation of the word "no" recently?  Possibly a euphemistic alternative to protect your feelings, such as "love the presentation, but unfortunately..." or "if it were up to me, I'd say yes... but..."?  Rejection is like a curse word in 2018 - a feeling we... Continue Reading →

10 Social Skills We Learned From Our Fathers

Our fathers have significant influence on our social skills.  Every time my spoken vocabulary gets trite and lazy, I hear my dad's voice in my head saying, "Words have specific meanings, Sean.  Use them appropriately."   Every door I've held, every "please" and "thank you", every big smile and "Good morning!  How are you?" before... Continue Reading →

Sports Networker Ep4 (6/11/18)

Hey there, fellow networkers!   In this week's edition of Sports Networker, I'm going to give you an update on all the sports-related topics and news you need to know when networking this week.   Here are the highlights... of the highlights: 0:49 - NBA Finals and Lebron James 2:18 - NHL Stanley Cup and... Continue Reading →

Creating Next Gen Philanthropists with Anna-Bohl Fabian

Congratulations to Anna Bohl-Fabian for being recognized as a #Networking4Good honoree!   As a Board Member of the Spruce Foundation, Anna uses her networking opportunities to develop the next generation of philanthropists in Philadelphia!   For people like Anna, networking events aren't about exchanging business cards and asking people if they'd be interested in grabbing a cup... Continue Reading →

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